The Big Bad Best Buy

As you’re doing your holiday shopping this year be aware of the malicious and nefarious corporations that are out to steal directly from your wallet. I know that sounds dramatic, but its true. What businesses am I talking about specifically? Best Buy of course.

Coming home for Thanksgiving means upgrading my parents computer and installing a new Solid State Drive so they aren’t stuck in the 90’s in terms of computer power. Of course after buying a new SSD, video card, and RAM I forgot to buy a SATA data cable to connect the new hard drive. My mistake.

Given the small town they live in, I had to drive up to the nearest mall to buy a cable from Best Buy. After getting strange looks from three employees I finally found someone to show me where the hidden SATA cables were. The final asking price? $20!

For those who aren’t computer hardware junkies like myself, this is a total crime. The average price on is $4. Yes you read that right. 1/5 the price Best Buy charges its poor, uninformed customers. And Newegg ships it free to boot.

So as your buying your electronics this Holiday season, please remember to stay far, far away from Best Buy. I know that 50″ television looks cheap this year. If you have to, get it, and get out. No cables, especially HDMI. In. and Out. Everything else, look online. Trust me on this. Together we can stand against this tyranny and bring down the evil empire of 5x markup.