A website is a vehicle that delivers content to your audience. It is critical that your content clearly communicates your marketing message while moving each visitor to take action towards becoming a customer.

Copy Writing by Tribeswell

Very often, your website will be the first impression that your potential customers will have of your business. The web is a busy place, full of distractions and alternative options. You might only get one chance to create a conversion before your visitor is gone forever, never to return.

There are three messages that should be clearly conveyed on your company’s website: Who You Are, What You Do, and How You’re Different.

Who You Are

Your company’s personality and identity must be effectively communicated for a meaningful connection to be built between your business and your potential customer. The text and marketing messages provide the foundation for your online identity. Your visitors need to be able to hear a living breathing business, not just text on a page.

What You Do

What you do needs to be instantly clear to the reader. If a user visits your homepage and doesn’t immediately understand what your business does then there is little chance they will stick around long enough to find out. Simple, vibrant headings with more detailed text will ease the reader into the information instead of throwing them into the deep end.

How You’re Different

Why should a prospective customer choose your business over your competitors? Properly executed web copy will help to set you apart from the competition and convert more visitors to customers. At the end of the day, your business is unique from every other business in the world. It’s your website’s job to communicate the unique advantages that you possess.

The Tribeswell Way

We understand the importance of content and design working together to make a meaningful connection with each and every visitor to your website. The advantage to creating and editing content in house is that we can predict how and where it will fit in with the design elements on your website.

Our unique perspective and experience allows us to have a fresh take on your business and craft your message so that it appeals to your ideal target customer.

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