Global College Search

Focused Design for Focused Academic Consultants

Meet Global College Search

Global College Search provides advising and consulting services to students, parents, and guardians to help students identify their goals, apply for schools, and improve their chances for acceptance and success upon arrival. Tribeswell was hired to bring a fresh take on a new website and increase user response.

Designed for Clarity

The site focuses on a “flat” minimal design concept featuring large typography, bright & colorful photos, shapes, and a lack of texture or shadow. The result is a site that appears to have little depth and embraces the platform it’s viewed on: the web. Unlike other design trends (such as banners, textures, and shadows) that take inspiration from the real world, this site accepts and loves the fact that it is viewed from a screen. The concept also invokes a playful demeanor and integrates the content directly into the design, providing users with a natural flow while interacting with the information.

Beautiful on All Devices

What They Thought

Fantastic talent. They listened carefully to our needs and desires, came up with perfect solutions to our concerns, and delivered outstanding results in a timely and cost-effective fashion. Extremely professional, they are creative social media experts, with cutting edge marketing thinking, and chomping at the bit to do cool, interesting stuff for our next phases of development. So happy (relieved!) we found them.
Patricia L. Krahnke