Boyd and Company

Professional at the Core

Custom Maps Interface

A first for Tribeswell, Boyd and Company wanted to showcase their multiple locations at once. In order to accomplish this, we made way-points for all Boyd and Company locations, and we display them on one map together.

Employee Portal

We implemented a method of informing Boyd and Company's many employees. With an employee portal, Boyd and Company is able to share files and any other employee information.

Beautiful on All Devices


Company Divisions

All of the divisions of Boyd and Company are displayed in horizontal sections with information about the division, accented by beautiful hover effects.

Custom Maps Interface

In order to display the four locations for Boyd and Company, we constructed a map interface that shows all four locations at the same time.

Employee Portal

Boyd and Company has hundreds of employees. To get information and documents to their employees effectively, we implemented an employee portal so documents can be shared in a clean and professional fashion.

Video Background and Oil Ticker

Boyd and Company needed a landing page with a presence. In order to accomplish this, we used a custom video showcasing Boyd and Company's facilities as well as their fleet. On top of the video background is an "oil ticker," which displays the current market value of crude oil.