Is your blog your business? Should it be?

Last month I ran across a post on Itty Biz titled ‘Your Blog is Not Your Business’, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.  The basic synopsis was…

It is helpful to think that your blog is your business because it distracts you from the much more unpleasant task of building our business. Get all whipped up in a froth about the blog, feel nice because all those comments made you feel smart and finally loved, make some random money in spite of yourself, and never have to think about the scary stuff.

But making things to sell, serving your clients, learning how to launch your products – those are the things that put the iPads under the tree. Those are the things that don’t fall off the front page in 5-10 business days, never to be seen again. Those are the things that BUILD.

Undoubtedly, there were some great points made in the post, but it got me thinking about the bigger picture and what it really means to be an entrepreneur.

Being an Entrepreneur

I think of an entrepreneur as someone who takes ideas and then assumes the risks for implementing those ideas with the goal of producing a profit.

There are opportunities in blogging that can extend and redefine your core business, and these opportunities are precisely what good entrepreneurs look for when they pursue a new course of action.

I like to look at the three-personality approach described by Michael Gerber in ‘The E-Myth Revisited’. (affiliate link) Every person who starts a business has 3 internal personalities wrestling with each other for control.

  • The Technician does the actual work of the business (in my case, designing websites and other marketing stuff).
  • The Manager tries to make things orderly, creating systems, and making things run smoothly.
  • The Entrepreneur finds new opportunities for growing the business and provides the direction for the technician and manager.

So if you’re going to have a blog, then it might be very important to have material that comes from the Technician and the Manager, but it’s the Entrepreneur that decides what the purpose of the blog will be.

In my mind the only purpose of a blog or web page is to attract visitors (and the right kind of visitors) in order to achieve entrepreneurial goals.  So it begs the question….  What are the goals?

The first goal the entrepreneur will have when starting a blog is to attract customers for their primary business.  They want visitors to see the content and then contact them to either provide products or servies for them, but this is really only the tip of the iceburg.

Once a substantial number of visitors is reached, the entrepreneur is presented with a whole new world of interesting opportunities.  You might take on sponsors that pay you for the right to advertise on your site, or simply use Google Adsense or any of the thousands of affiliate programs available to generate additional revenue from your website.

Another great option is to sell digital or physical goods on your site (digital goods are easier and more profitable if you’re able to make a product that people will readily buy).

My point is that to assume that your blog is not your business is to look at it from the wrong perspective (the perspective of the technician or the manager).  A blog is can provide numerous profitable opportunities beyond simple lead-generation and good entrepreneurs should take advantage of these opportunities.