G-Chat Now Available in Google+: Is this a good move?

I popped on to Google+ today to find a dialog box stating that gchat had been added to the service. My first reaction was that it was pretty cool. It instantly added the conversation I was having in Gmail to Google+, which is kind of convenient… Your conversations go with you wherever you go.

However, I’m friends with lots of people on Google+ that I’m don’t necessarily want to talk to every day and now they’re all added to my Gmail chat list. I would prefer that this hadn’t happened. I use Google+ and Gmail for very different purposes. Gmail is all about productivity, connecting with clients, and staying in touch with close friends. Google+ is more about media consumption and staying in touch with what’s happening in my extended network.

Add to this the fact that Facebook has already had chat for a while and it TOTALLY SUCKS and I’m not sure that having your chat client and social network all in the same place makes that much sense.

I’m sure there are some settings I can change to get it exactly how I would want it, but still…

What do you think? Do you like the new feature? Was it a good move for Google+ to take?