Are you looking for a website design firm to design a fantastic new website for your business? What if that same firm had a development process that streamlined the design and deployment of your new website so they could guarantee that your new website would look great, be easy to manage, and launch on time?

Working with a design firm on the creation of your new website can eat up a ton of time and resources for you and your team. Our design process creates a perfect result every time while saving you time and money. Oh, and I should also mention that our sites launch on time, every time.

1-2 hours

Phase 1 - Project Planning

Great planning is essential to achieving great results. Our extensive experience over hundreds of design projects has led to the development of our comprehensive planning guide which allows us to…
  • Avoid common problems, misunderstandings, and educate you on how our design process works and how to best utilize our services to achieve great results in the final product.
  • Set exact expectations for what everyone is responsible for throughout the project.
  • Gather basic information about the project, such as required pages, content, and functional requirements.
  • Talk about websites you like and determine what design style will serve your business best.
  • Allow your team to meet our team so that you can get to know the people who will be building your website.
  • A tentative launch date will be set for the project.
2-4 weeks

Phase 2 - Setup & Content

When the typical website design firm begins a project they scramble to start mocking up the layout for the site first and then force your content into the layout they have created for you. This is backwards. The purpose of your website is to effectively deliver content to your prospective customers. By focusing on content first and then designing the layout, we are able to perfectly optimize the layout to fit your content which provides a far superior user experience once the site is launched.
  • We will work with you to gather images, videos, and text that you already have that you would like implemented into the new website.
  • If part of the scope of your project includes content creation, whether that be photography, video, or text, we will schedule time during phase 2 for photo/video shoots and collaboration time with our content team to generate everything you will need for the finished website.
  • You will be set up in our system with temporary hosting and all the necessary software will be installed and set up.
1-2 weeks

Phase 3 - Design & Development

We've got your content, we've planned extensively for how your website will serve your content and business goals, now it's time to build. In phase 3 our design and development team will design layouts, implement custom functionality, and format your content around a design that showcases the unique strengths of your business. At the end of the design and development phase we will present your new website so that you can provide feedback and fine-tune all the details. Because we have planned thoroughly and perfected the content up-front, what you see will be very close to what you can expect to see in the finished product.
2-3 weeks

Phase 4 - Collaboration & Revision

This is your time to review the work we have done and provide feedback. Our goal is for each and every website we build to be pixel-perfect at launch and we need your help to make that happen. We'll need your help to...
  • Review, refine, and revise the content that we've implemented on the website to ensure that it perfectly matches your company's message.
  • Approve the final layout and design.
  • Alert us to any technical glitches that might occur while you're using the site.
  • A new firm launch date will be set for the project.
  • We will also provide you with your final invoice which will be dated for your launch date. This invoice must be paid before we launch your site live on your domain.
1-2 days

Phase 5 - Launch

The time has come to launch the website live on your domain name. The Tribeswell team will perform final testing to ensure that everything is working properly and that your site performs acceptably on all browsers and mobile devices. We will also perform our website launch checklist which ensures that your launch will be problem free. Congratulations! You've got a brand new website.