A Quick Thank-You to My Hosting Provider

When I first started building websites I used a hosting company that I was familiar with, but that ultimately didn’t work out very well (I won’t mention any names, but I will say that they were the only company that provides web hosting that had a commercial in the superbowl.)

The main problems I had with my previous hosting supplier was page loading speed, uptime, and they had a really slow backend that made it take forever for me to find problems and fix them. Their customer service was acceptable, but not great.

I started searching for a new hosting company with those things in mind. I asked other web professionals that I trusted and did some research on the internet and ultimately decided that Hostgator was the best fit for my needs. I now have multiple hosting packages with Hostgator and host dozens of websites there.

Here’s a quick list of my favorite things about hostgator…

  1. cPanel – I realize that most hosting providers offer cPanel, but Hostgator is very good at supporting it.
  2. Support – Hostgator has helped me with every single problem I’ve ever had. I’ve never gotten off the phone with their support line and not had my problem solved… no matter how complex the problem was.
  3. Security – The few problems with security I’ve had (and my track record is REALLY good considering how many websites we support), have been handled quickly.
  4. Cost – Hostgator is not the cheapest hosting out there, but the pricing is fair and they’ve been a great partner to help us grow.

So, anyway I just wanted to say thanks to Hostgator for being a great hosting provider!